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Comprehensive virtual career and admissions fairs for organizations looking to host online events. Hundreds of successful virtual career fairs yearly since 2015
Perfect for human resources and recruiters to incorporate a productive virtual career fair platform into the talent acquisition process.
Perfect for career fair hosting organizations such as colleges and universities, associations, physical career fair hosts, job boards, and recruitment agencies.
Some of our valued customers include:
Michelle Ross
Niagara Health
I would recommend eCareerFairs to any organization looking to expand their recruitment search and diversify their candidate pool. David and the team at eCareerFairs were extremely supportive and accessible throughout the planning process and event execution. Their customer service is extremely impressive, bar none. The platform itself is easy to use and allowed our remote recruitment representatives to interact with candidates seamlessly via large group chat rooms, 1-to-1 text chats, as well as conduct audio and video interviews. The candidate profiles, data tracking and reporting capabilities alleviated a lot of manual tracking we normally would’ve had to manage. This event was one of the most effective career fairs that we have hosted and credit the intuitive platform structure and immensely knowledgeable team for it’s success.”
Michelle Swarts
Harger Howe
We were referred to by one of our clients in 2019 and I’m so appreciative for the introduction. Since then, we’ve hosted over 30 Virtual Career Events for multiple clients. The eCareerFairs team has been beyond exceptional. Working in the human resources and recruitment sector you must to be able to respond and pivot at a moment’s notice. Combine that with the challenges of 2020, and that most of our clients are in the healthcare industry, and we needed a purple unicorn—a vendor with an established product who was large enough to handle our clients, be flexible to respond to our needs and unrelenting last-minute requests, but most importantly to make sure that we had no missed events or technology failures during our career fairs. We’ve had a flawless, 100% success rate with
Sarah Lawrence
Cleared Careers
We have used eCareerFairs for our virtual hiring events and couldn't be more pleased with the platform and service. The eCareerFairs team has gone above and beyond to make sure our employers and job seekers receive a smooth experience from beginning to end. Between the user-friendly platform and outstanding support, each virtual event has been a tremendous success!
John Omelan
Last year I was tasked, as were many professionals, to provide an online virtual job fair for my teaching candidates as soon as possible.  As many companies were moving to virtual fairs, trying to find a good fit for my teachers was imperative.  Research on virtual online fairs revealed a wealth of available programs with varying degrees of experience in education.  iteachTEXAS chose eCareerFairs for a variety of reasons: Ease of use - eCareerFairs offered a turnkey operation in the creation of the virtual booth. Other programs merely provided a template or access, leaving the creation of the booth to individuals that may or may not have experience in presenting a virtual booth in a manner that was utilitarian or welcoming. eCareerFairs provides a clean user interface with intuitive operations. Video Integration - eCareerFairs was the only platform at the time that offered an integrated video chat function that would allow users and districts to stay within the platform to chat privately. My districts very much appreciated the ability to escalate an interview to a "face to face" meeting with a simple, easy to use process. Customer Service - with so many programs offering similar products, eCareerFairs stood head and shoulders above their competition in regards to customer service and accessibility. In my vetting process, many virtual platforms never returned my call for a demo; others provided a canned presentation that did not address the questions that I had or were unique to education.  With eCareerFairs, I received a phone call within a day of my inquiry. My representative then asked how eCareerFairs could help us achieve our goals.  Personalized training sessions were offered to me AND my district personnel.  When my districts needed to add a recruiter or had a question, eCareerFairs was available to answer even though they were a time zone away.  They were never too busy to take a call or answer a question.  That personability, from an initial query to satisfied customer, allows me to wholeheartedly recommend eCareerFairs to anyone seeking to offer a seamless, turnkey virtual job fair.

How eCareerFairs full service works


Candidates Register 

Attract candidates to a custom, mobile-optimized career fair registration page using a combination of our marketing services and yours.

Recruiters Prepare

Participating recruiters and event hosts can post jobs, add links/documents to booths, search through candidate resumes and invite candidates to private one-on-one chats.

You Host the Event!

Host the virtual career fair with unlimited booths. Each booth allows multiple recruiters to participate at the same time, engage with candidates in one-on-one conversations via chat and video. You can watch event stats in real time.

Review and Follow-up

Recruiters have access to event metrics after the fair, including candidate conversation history, ratings, contact info, notes and resumes. Event hosts can export data to see full event metrics. Event data is accessible several months after an event.

How can eCareerFairs benefit you?

Organizations can benefit from using the eCareerFairs virtual fair platform. See how your company, college, university, or member focused organization can take advantage of the eCareerFairs virtual platform services.
  • Common Benefits Among All Organizations

    eCareerFairs products and services appeal to many different organization types. Service offerings and their benefits vary depending on the organization type. These are the benefits common among all organization types.
  • Save Time and Money
    Eliminate travel, lodging, dining and other expenses associated with physical career fairs. Virtual career fairs provide an economical and extremely efficient alternative or supplement to in person events.
    Boost Event Attendance
    Broaden the recruiting footprint and increase attendance by supplementing physical events for individuals that can’t attend in person.
  • Increase Event Frequency
    Host virtual events more often and take advantage of the growing efficiency of setup with each additional event. Reusability of accounts, artifacts such as logos, reduction of learning curve time contribute to increased productivity.
  • Hold a Large Number of Conversations
    Facilitate a large number of one-to-one text and video conversations increasing the chances of finding the right candidates.
  • Provide Pre-event Screening Tools
    Review candidate profiles prior to an event and invite pre-screened candidates to chat during the virtual event.
  • Benefits for Employer Focused Organizations

    If you're a physical career fair host, recruitment ad agency, search firm, or job board, you can provide significant product enhancements to your customers using eCareerFairs virtual career fair platform and services.
    Add to the Bottom Line
    Add to your list of revenue generating products and services. Offer your employer members new and productive, virtual recruitment tools.
  • Improve Your Brand
    Improve your brand by offering a proven intuitive, easy to use virtual recruitment platform to connect employers and job seekers.
  • Be Different
    Stay ahead of the competition by differentiating and providing enhanced virtual recruiting services.
  • Get Current
    Improve, streamline, and modernize existing traditional recruiting tools and services. eCareerFairs virtual fair services allow you to update your product offerings quickly and inexpensively.
  • Benefits for Member Focused Organizations

    eCareerFairs virtual fair services can help colleges, universities, and associations connect members with employers.
    Get them Connected
    Help members engage with employers using flexible, easy to use online virtual one-to-one text and video conversations.
  • Increase Exposure
    Connect members with employers globally with virtual fair tools.
  • Accommodate International Members
    Organizations can augment in person physical events to virtually accommodate international candidates.
  • More Frequent Targeted Events
    Universities and associations can offer more frequent targeted virtual events to employers where similar physical events would be too time consuming and costly to attend in person.
  • Improve International Admissions
    Universities can compete to attract students on a global basis in a cost effective manner.
  • Benefits for HR and Talent Acquisition

    Holding dedicated virtual career fairs along with, or instead of physical events, is becoming a popular approach to improve the talent acquisition process.
    Improve Recruiting Efficiency
    Virtual career fairs enhance and optimize traditional recruiting efforts with scalable, easy to use technology.
  • Connect with Local, Regional and Global Candidates
    Virtual career fairs are not limited to a physical space or geography which increases the recruiting outreach and effort with minimal additional expense.
  • Fill Positions More Quickly
    Virtual career fairs are quick and easy to set up which makes it simple to have more frequent recruitment events and get more exposure to fill important, time sensitive job openings.
  • Meet the Employer, Meet the Candidates
    Job seekers have real-time text and video communication opportunities to engage the company for a personalized recruitment process.
  • Pre-screen and Invite
    Qualify candidates prior to the scheduled event and invite the front-runners to a one-on-one text and video conversation during the virtual event.

What's included with eCareerFairs 

When you purchase an eCareerFairs virtual career fair package, you'll receive the following features and services along with a personal eCareerFairs account representative to help guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have:

Full service

full service

Holistic approach to service

eCareerFairs have hosted hundreds of successful virtual career fairs, across industries, functions and regions. Through this vast experience, we've analyzed success stories in order to define best practices. We're here to apply those best practices to your event - just ask.

Our experience taught us all career fairs are different. We know best how to set up and customize fairs for our clients and believe our clients should spend time promoting the event and recruiting instead of learning software they rarely use. We set up your event and simplify your experience from the get-go.

We assign an account rep to each event. Your rep is available to answer questions anytime before, during or after the event.

Our dedicated support team expands for bigger events. We monitor and support each event live. We’re trained to think proactively. We visit events we host and look for opportunities to improve overall quality.

Flexible communication options

communicate via text or video chats

Communicate with career fair attendees via text or video chats

All successful virtual career fairs feature effective communication. We offer a mix of text and video communication tools aimed at maximizing efficiency. 

The range of choices for most common scenarios includes one-on-one text and video chat, general chat, video broadcast and team chat. More advanced scenarios introduce the ability to answer text questions via video and combination of text and video conversations.

Flexible booth setups

flexible booth setups

A large fair or single booth event, we got it covered

Virtual career fairs have many moving parts and can get complex, but technology and setup don’t have to be.  Event hosts focus on those moving parts, we take care of the setup.

For those who like to tweak it, we provide the tools.

Advanced live career fair tools

managing on the day of event

Effectively manage your live event

We offer an expanding set of tools for managing live career fairs.

This includes visitor flow, invites and conversations, queue management, monitoring of general chat, booth visitors, attendee search including resume keywords and live status filtering. Team status and stats, interactions between team members and booth roaming. Chat time management. Booth and event announcements. Live booth and event stats. 

We are always there during the event to provide live support.

Request a demo to see how these tools help you conduct a successful virtual career fair.

Works across mobile and desktop

works across desktop and mobile devices. accessible

Designed to run on variety of devices from mobile phones to desktops

Bring any device and it will work. Our site is designed to work across mobile and desktop devices.

All site features, including video, work on all devices, so users can participate in events on the go.

The site is designed and tested to be fully accessible and ADA compliant.

eCareerFairs pricing

The eCareerFairs virtual fair platform can support any number of booths, representatives and registered attendees.

Pricing is based on the number of booths and the number of recruiters assigned to each booth.

Contact us for flexible event pricing for a single event, multi event or continuous use pricing.

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About Us

Echo Ventures, LLC, formed in 2006 is a holding company that specializes in career platform services. eCareerFairs, formed in 2015, is a child company of Echo Ventures, and is a leading-edge virtual event hosting platform which appeals to universities, associations, and employers globally. eCareerFairs is an independent service, and thanks to you, it is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Our mission is to help organizations of all sizes and types to set up and run digital hiring and career events on our platform across mobile and desktop devices.  We strive to ensure a smooth event setup process, flawless platform operation and provide support all throughout the process from event setup to completion and follow up for each event we host.  We use our vast expertise in the industry to help and advise event hosts on any organization questions or potential solutions. Our team provides platform training to event hosts and participating employers prior to events. Along with each event host, each participating employer is our potential customer. Our ultimate goal is happy customers who keep coming back and using our platform for more events.