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hosting healthcare virtual career fairs and hiring events

How to host a virtual career fair for healthcare professionals on eCareerFairs platform

Addressing recruiting challenges is a priority for healthcare organizations. Many open positions remain unfilled and qualified candidates are difficult to find, especially during pandemic.
Organizational structures in healthcare are often complex, with each department and location doing its own hiring. While highly skilled candidates in the field are scattered geographically and have busy schedules. 

Online career fairs and hiring events can help address some of these challenges by offering more agility to the hiring departments and reducing job search time commitment for the candidates.
eCareerFairs is an intuitive and reliable platform that fits the bill. Easy to use for both recruiters and candidates and without a learning curve. It’s supported by experienced pros and doesn't break your budget. 

Follow our quick start guide to hosting a healthcare virtual fair on eCareerFairs platform:

1. set objective & scope

Define a clear objective of your event to set the stage for success. Right size the scope to get better results. Consider events per location, narrow specialties or event series to get better results.
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2. refine audience & outreach tatics

Establish the target audience and methods of outreach. For whom is the event? How are you planning to get the word out? Having access to an existing audience and scheduling outreach closer to the event significantly improves the outcome.
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3. size & structure

Estimate the number of attendees and recruiters. Is your event for one department and location or multiple? How many attendees do you expect?  Do recruiters represent departments, locations, specialties, HR? Consider the number of booths needed to reflect event size and structure.
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4. consider your budget

The size of event is an important consideration that directly affects budget. Establish your budget early on. ask for pricing »

5. ready & get started

Over the years we have hosted multiple healthcare events. Once you decided to host your event on eCareerFairs, we will review your event, share best practices, and set it up for you, so you can focus on the outreach. It's simple! When the process gets started, we designate an account rep to fill in the details and offer guidance every step of the way.

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eCareerFairs hosting

We believe event organizers should focus on promoting their events and recruiting.

So we take care of the event setup for you and will make your event look functional, professional and beautiful.

eCareerFairs virtual fair platform supports variety of event configurations and scales to any event size.

Events of all sizes are equally welcome!

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