Virtual Career Fair Platform Services for Hosting Events

Comprehensive virtual career and admissions fairs for organizations looking to host online events.
Perfect for human resources and recruiters to incorporate a productive virtual career fair platform into the talent acquisition process.
Perfect for career fair hosting organizations such as colleges and universities, associations, physical career fair hosts, job boards, and recruitment agencies.
Some of our valued customers include:

How eCareerFairs works

The 4 simple steps below briefly describe the eCareerFairs platform process undergone by either you (if you’re an employer), or your employer customer (if you’re a career fair host organization).

Candidates Register 

Attract candidates to a custom, mobile-optimized career fair registration page using a combination of our marketing services and yours.

Recruiters Prescreen

Participating recruiters and event hosts can post jobs, add links/documents to booths, search through candidate resumes and invite candidates to private one-on-one chats.

You Host the Event!

Host the virtual career fair with unlimited booths. Each booth allows multiple recruiters to participate at the same time, engage with candidates in one-on-one conversations via chat and video. You can watch event stats in real time.

Recruiters Review and Follow-up

Recruiters have access to event metrics after the fair, including candidate conversation history, ratings, contact info, notes and resumes. Event hosts can export data to see full event metrics. Event data is accessible several months after an event.

How can eCareerFairs benefit you?

All types of organizations can benefit from using the eCareerFairs virtual fair platform. See how your company, college, university, or member focused organization can take advantage of the eCareerFairs virtual platform services.

Common Benefits Among All Organizations

eCareerFair products and services appeal to many different organization types. Service offerings and their benefits vary depending on the organization type. These are the benefits common among all organization types.
  • Save Time and Money
    Eliminate travel, lodging, dining and other expenses associated with physical career fairs. Virtual career fairs provide an economical and extremely efficient alternative or supplement to in person events.
  • Increase Event Attendance
    Broaden the recruiting footprint and increase attendance by supplementing physical events for individuals that can’t attend in person.
  • Increase Event Frequency
    Host virtual events more often because of the efficient and ease of setting up and hosting virtual events.
  • Hold a Large Number of Conversations
    Facilitate a large number of one-to-one text and video conversations increasing the chances of finding the right candidates.
  • Provide Pre-event Screening Tools
    Review candidate profiles prior to an event and invite pre-screened candidates to chat during the virtual event.
  • Mobile Friendly Platform
    Virtual career fair platform supports desktop and mobile devices allowing convenient and conventional communications.

Benefits for Employer Focused Organizations

If you're a physical career fair host, recruitment ad agency, search firm, or job board, you can provide significant product enhancements to your customers using eCareerFairs virtual career fair platform and services.
  • Add to the Bottom Line
    Add to your list of revenue generating products and services. Offer your employer members new and productive, virtual recruitment tools.
  • Improve Your Brand
    Improve your brand by offering a proven intuitive, easy to use virtual recruitment platform to connect employers and job seekers.
  • Be Different
    Stay ahead of the competition by differentiating and providing enhanced virtual recruiting services.
  • Get Current
    Improve, streamline, and modernize existing traditional recruiting tools and services. eCareerFairs virtual fair services allow you to update your product offerings quickly and inexpensively.

Benefits for Member Focused Organizations

eCareerFairs virtual fair services can help colleges, universities, and associations connect members with employers.
  • Get them Connected
    Help members engage with employers using flexible, easy to use online virtual one-to-one text and video conversations.
  • Increase Exposure
    Connect members with employers globally with virtual fair tools.
  • Accommodate International Members
    Organizations can augment in person physical events to virtually accommodate international candidates.
  • More Frequent Targeted Events
    Universities and associations can offer more frequent targeted virtual events to employers where similar physical events would be too time consuming and costly to attend in person.
  • Improve International Admissions
    Universities can compete to attract students on a global basis in a cost effective manner.

Benefits for HR and Talent Acquisition

Holding dedicated virtual career fairs along with, or instead of physical events, is becoming a popular approach to improve the talent acquisition process.
  • Improve Recruiting Efficiency
    Virtual career fairs enhance and optimize traditional recruiting efforts with scalable, easy to use technology.
  • Connect with Local, Regional and Global Candidates
    Virtual career fairs are not limited to a physical space or geography which increases the recruiting outreach and effort with minimal additional expense.
  • Fill Positions More Quickly
    Virtual career fairs are quick and easy to set up which makes it simple to have more frequent recruitment events and get more exposure to fill important, time sensitive job openings.
  • Meet the Employer, Meet the Candidates
    Job seekers have real-time text and video communication opportunities to engage the company for a personalized recruitment process.
  • Pre-screen and Invite
    Qualify candidates prior to the scheduled event and invite the front-runners to a one-on-one text and video conversation during the virtual event.

eCareerFairs services you get

When you purchase an eCareerFairs virtual career fair package, you'll receive the following features and services along with a personal eCareerFairs account representative to help guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have:

We'll build you a custom job seeker landing page

It's important to have a starting point for your job seekers where they can learn the details, register, or log into the event. We'll build a custom page with your theme and event information. You can then reference the page from your job seeker marketing materials.

You get job seeker registration services

Now the job seeker is intrigued by the event and wants to register. When they register, they'll post their resume and provide other valuable information which can be searched and printed by employers prior to the event.

You can list your career fair with

Submit your career fair event to our globally exposed career fair listing site to attract candidates from all over the world.

We'll setup up your lobby and booth

Your eCareerFair account rep will work with you to set up your event lobby (if needed) and employer booth and recruiter users. This is where registered job seekers will attend and have one-on-one conversations with recruiters during the event.

Post jobs or we'll wrap them for you

You can post all jobs pertinent to the career fair, or, if you have a large amount of jobs, we can import or wrap them for you (extra fees apply).

Recruiters can prescreen candidates

Once the landing page and booth(s) are setup, candidates begin to register. Recruiters can immediately begin searching through registrants and invite the qualified candidates to attend their booth during the event.

Host the career fair

While the career fair is underway, an eCareerFairs moderator will be monitoring the event and can assist recruiters with any questions that may arise.

Recruiters review and follow-up

Recruiters have months to review the history of the event including detailed event metric data, conversations, ratings, notes, and resumes. They have the opportunity to search resumes and contact candidates long after the event has past.

Here's the base pricing

Pricing is based on the number of booths and the number of recruiters assigned to each booth. Below is the minimum event rate.
Single Event: $1,500
(up to 3 booths and 3 recruiters per booth)
The eCareerFairs virtual fair platform can support any number of booths, representatives and registered attendees. Contact us for additional event pricing details for a single event, multi event or continuous use pricing.

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About Us

Echo Ventures, LLC, formed in 2006 is a holding company that specializes in career platform services. eCareerFairs, formed in 2015, is a child company of Echo Ventures, and is a leading-edge virtual event hosting platform which appeals to universities, associations, and employers globally. eCareerFairs is an independent service, and thanks to you, it is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Our mission is to help organizations of all sizes and types to set up and run digital hiring and career events on our platform across mobile and desktop devices.  We strive to ensure a smooth event setup process, flawless platform operation and provide support all throughout the process from event setup to completion and follow up for each event we host.  We use our vast expertise in the industry to help and advise event hosts on any organization questions or potential solutions. Our team provides platform training to event hosts and participating employers prior to events. Along with each event host, each participating employer is our potential customer. Our ultimate goal is happy customers who keep coming back and using our platform for more events.